The coming of men

When man first crawled up from the naval of the world, slippery with the birthing fluids of the sky-goddess, he could see only the heavens as he climbed the sharply rent stones of the world. His hands bled, leaving trails of the godsblood which spawned him upon the shards of the world’s birth, and as he looked towards the sky, could not see the changes happening behind him. As he climbed further, his body lightened as the blackened godsblood flowed from his wounds, showing no longer the same night-black skin of the sky-mother.

As he neared the open sky, an arm as bloodied and browned as his own reached down and seized his. The man took the aid of the first woman, and was born into the new world a whole man, with the help of a whole woman. Their skins were brown as mahogany, the blood on their hands and arms crimson in the afternoon’s light. Behind them, the naval of the world swirled with a vortex of new life, and teeming creatures followed the blood-paths marked by the first man and woman into the waning light, carrying the remnants of godsblood with them, until the whole of the world had been touched by the divine spark.
The father-sun looked down on the world, horrified by the savagery of its birth and saw the first people laying upon the ground, bruised and bleeding from their long birth. He saw the new life taking root and hunt across the whole of the world, first by its own foot, then wing and fin, until the dead body of his own godchild was covered over with every manner of beast.

Seeing the first people still laying upon the newfound grass, he spoke to them. The words rattled and shook the world, causing the ground to roll and break – but words were not known to people yet, and no reply came. Again he spoke, and the ground rumbled and cracked and shook with the force of his voice, until the very bones of the earth grew white-hot, exploding forth in fiery, smoking mountains. The new life of the world trembled, dying in flame or fall, until at last the world quieted.

Father-Sun looked away from his child, and the first night fell.

The coming of men

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