Perched on high cliffs above the stormy southern sea, Maranam is known as one of the wondrous places in the world. Home to tens of thousands of living beings and countless dead (in various states of animation), four of the major religions of the world maintain that only in the city of the dead can a proper burial and last rights be maintained.

The cliffs are a natural limestone and chalk formation, riddled with caves, many of which have been expanded into deep crypts and sepulchers. The countryside surrounding the city is riddled with grave sites for miles inland, some more ancient than all living memory. The Great Crematorium dwells in the heart of the city, constantly belching forth acrid smoke from the magical fires which consume the bodies of those whose last rights demand the total destruction of the body. The city is ringed with The Bone-Spires – temples that hold the final preparations for those who undergo sky-burial.

Smaller villages are found along many of the roads to the city of the dead, providing rest stops and lodgings for travelers. Small farms may be found near the roadside villages, with fields carefully walled away and warded against the burial grounds that surround them.

The city is divided into several districts:
Cliffside, The Ash District, …(more coming soon)


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